Breeding values

New total breeding value for German Brown Swiss

In the meeting on 25 November 2015, the working groups have laid the foundations for a new total breeding value for Brown Swiss from Austria and Germany.

Here it was early obvious that the Brown Swiss breeders wants a significant strengthening of milk, a weighting of 50% milk, 5% meat and 45% health is desirable. The milk component of 50% includes a ratio of fat: protein of 1: 1.34 and additionally 1.5% on protein percentage. The meat value remains at 5%. The fitness features are constructed as: 12% life, 3% Persistence, 15% fertility, 1% of maternal calving ease, vitality 4% genetic, 10% udder health. Thus the weight of fertility is almost doubled. With this orientation, the breed identity of Braunvieh can be clearly underlined as dairy focused dual purpose breed with a clear focus on protein, which has advantages in life and fertility. In the theoretical selection success, it is now possible to achieve a higher milk yield and higher milk fat and protein-kg. At the same time almost all the functional features can be a positive development. The theoretical selection success of the fitness traits is 10%.

Neuer GZW Braunvieh

ARGE Deutsches Braunvieh